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To find the right watch

A watch is not only to serve you to tell the time, but also give you the opportunity to express themselves and to emphasize your personality.

If you opt for a watch, you should consider not only the purchase price but also to think, when and for what purposes you want to wear the watch. If you exercise a lot, you should prefer a shockproof watch; want you want the watch swimming or diving, it must be watertight and most have a plastic bracelet or rubber strap.

But also your personal taste and fashionable trends should find this attention. Currently the watchs going trend to steel and other metals and sporty watches are more popular than elegant. Ultimately, you decide for yourself what you like.

To facilitate the decision making process, you should have a little basic knowledge that you can gain by using this glossary shortly.

The everyday watch

A watch that you wear every day should reflect your character and your life. Find a watch, which adjusts to the your most frequently worn colors. Includes the watch functions that will help you in everyday life, such as a date display? The dial should be clear and the time easy and simple to read.

Even the bracelet has to meet your needs. Different materials have different properties:

  • leather: More comfortable to the wrist but is not hydrophobic.
  • metal: Even heavier but more durable and hydrophobic.
  • synthetic: Also water-repellent and gives a rather loose and sporty impression..

Elegant watches

Elegant watches usually have metal bracelets, but also noble leather bracelets are a nice alternative. You can choose studded with diamonds or precious stones watches to upgrade their evening attire accordingly. Opt for a watch that is versatile and thus fits well with different clothing and different looks. A narrow watch is unobtrusive and can also disappear under arm, a greater contrast watch falling on more when the watch is to be seen.

Sports watches

In the sports watch you should choose the bracelet according to your personal taste and the particular sport in which you get to use. Use your watch primarily in sports, the display should be large enough to ensure optimal readability, even in direct light.

Since the sports watch includes a variety of functions, the housing is usually somewhat larger. Features include:

  • pedometer
  • stopwatch
  • alarm

Also, consider a water resistance that meets your requirements. Divers z. B. should choose a watch up at least 200 meters (water pressure 20bar ATM) is waterproof. Should order hold times analog watchs have a rotating bezel.

To be continued...